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FDP Cookbook : Side Dishes : Beer Bread/ Beer Biscuits
(submitted by MiMMadman )



3 cups self-rising flour (all purose will work, but won't rise as much)
3 tbls sugar
1 12oz beer (Any beer will work, but flavor varies beer to beer. I used to use Shiner Bock and got great results. I've tried it with Guiness and been very pleased as well. Since my Seminiary is anal about drinking, I now use non-alcoholic beer- which doesn't work neerly as well. My rule of thumb- darker is better so avoid Keystone and Bud, ya cheapskates!.)


Preheat oven to 350 (f)

Mix ingredients and pour into a loaf pan. You can also roll it out and make biscuits. Great with gravy. (* note: for biscuits, avoid supper-dark and bitter brews- think more flavorful pales like Michalob or better yet any good amber or wheat beer. *)

Bake until loaf sounds hallow when you thump it. Time will vary depending what beer you use. The range is 20-45 minutes.

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