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FDP Cookbook : Side Dishes : “Chunky style” tuna salad
(submitted by betamin )



•2 pouches/cans of tuna in water or oil, (your preference) drained
•1 white onion
•1 block of Monterey Jack / Colby cheese
•6-8 Vlasic or Claussen dill pickles, depending on size
•1 dozen hard boiled eggs
•"Spin Blend" salad dressing, or mayo if you prefer.


Slice the pickles into spears, and then cut the spears into chunks about a half an inch long. Slice and chop up the onion and add it in. Slice the cheese and cut into small cubes and add in. Take the hard boiled eggs and dispose of the yolks, using ONLY the whites. Chop up and add it in. Mix this together, then add in the tuna and mix around a bit. Add in the salad dressing or mayo to your liking, put on bread (tastes great on Beefsteak Hearty Rye bread) and consume mass quantities.

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