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Bubbalou's photos: 2017 Gibson SG Special T - Project guitar


Bought the Body/Neck with nothing on it. I added the hardware, Seymour Duncan 59 Vintage Blues set pickups(that I had), Grover tuners, Graphtec Resomax magnetically locking bridge, Bigsby USA B-5 Vibrato with Chet Atkins arm (used vibromax kit to install), lined cavities with Copper Foil shielding. Had nut cut and fret sprout removed, polished frets that came Plek'd and then highspeed buffed the body, neck, and headstock with a stick of Mezerna polish to put a luster somewhere between Satin and Semi gloss. Switch craft jack and switch and CTS pots.
Looks kind of brown due to lighting but it is Cherry Red