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wrnchbndr's photos: Ricish Tenor 8-string

Left over from a bunch of Ric Capri style projects, I had this body and neck. I changed the taper toward the nut and this'll be an 8-string tenor guitar. It'll be tuned GG, DD, AA, EE, with the Gs and the Ds having octave splits and the As and Es unison. I don't have the back installed yet. I'd like to find a book matched flame maple pair for the back. The neck isn't glued in but the set neck angle is already adjusted. I just wanted to show off how the joint is done on these -- its a super simple way to do a set neck when you do it from the back. I need to rout for the pickups before I glue in the neck and install the back. The pickups will be those Hofner style bass pickups from Allparts and they work great for this. Not sure about my choise of finish yet but I'm on a surf green kick.