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wrnchbndr's photos: The other one


This is the fretted twin to the fretless. The body is from the same slab of swamp ash as the fretless. Brown tinted grain filler, shellac from a spray can, vinyl sealer with a bit of stewmac white pigment, color coat with Mohawk instrument lacquer tinted with stewmac Color Tone vintage amber and then a clearcoat with the same lacquer. Just like the other, the neck is from a pair that I custom ordered from Warmoth. It's a baritone conversion neck that I ordered unfretted/unslotted and without tuner holes. Again on this one, I narrowed the width at the nut by 1/4". I radiused the fretboard to a compound radius of 6 to 16" and slotted the fretboard to a 32" scale and fretted with vintage style but stainless frets from Jascar. The position markers are bone from Pet Smart. The neck is finished in tinted and clear nitro from Reranch which is about the easiest way to go and I keep a supply of this stuff on hand. The pickguard is .120 celluloid from Italy which aside from China is the only place you can still get the really nice stuff. Neck pickups are Fender American standards and the bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan telecaster bass pickup with a Tele guitar steel baseplate epoxied under it so it fits into the modified Tele stamped steel guitar bridge from Fender Parts. The mod only involves drilling a few holes and making a pair of saddles. The electronics are a standard Tele configuration but with 500k pots and a .068uf cap.