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wrnchbndr's photos: One of two


This is one of a pair of telecaster basses I've built for myself. Both are from the same slab of ash and the bodies are one piece cut from a resawn five inch thick slab. The two bodies are a book matched pair. The finish is traditional nitro from Mohawk. It's a white wash vinyl sealer with heavily amber tinted clear and then a single clear coat on top. Both bodies are finished in the same hyper butterscotch blonde and the grain lines are really awesome. The overall finish is thin on purpose and wear will eventually lead to subtle exposure of the white wash coat like a traditional blonde. The necks are from Warmoth and were purchased as unfretted baritone conversion necks. I reduced the width at the nut by 1/4". This bass is fretless and the other is fretted. The scale length is 32". There are fret markers but I only cut the slots about 1/3rd across the fingerboard and the slots end under the A-string. The slots are inlaid with a .022" plastic that matches the body. Pickups are Fender American standards. The pick guard is .120" nitrocelluloid tortoise from Italy. The string mutes are adjustable Rickenbacker parts. The tuner buttons are hand made from left over pick guard material and some mot pearl t/p/t laminations. Tuners are gotohs. Standard electronics but with a series parallel switch. The faux bridge and control plate are rosewood. I did initially install an under saddle piezo but it was compromised by the mutes. The final completed bass has no piezo.