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WireDog's photos: IRAQ: IED in Fallujah, August 2003


The insurgents got us with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), which they had buried too deep in the side of the road. The blast blew out all the glass and damaged all of our hearing. The Staff Sergeant driving our HMMWV caught most of the blast. I was in the passenger seat. The driver lost hearing in one ear, caught a little shrapnel and dirt to the face, was knocked nearly senseless, but managed to keep control of the vehicle as it was rocked by the blast. The HMMWV and crew just ahead of us was similarly damaged. Had we stopped, we'd have been ambushed, which was a standard tactic. This type of attack is how thousands of troops met their end. We were incredibly lucky.

The insurgents were very clever and learned from their mistakes. The next time they did it, just days after this, they buried four 155 mm howitzer rounds in a daisy chain only 6" below the shoulder of the road. It killed a few troops in another unit. Things like this weigh heavily on my mind these days, and I know many of my fellow vets have similar and probably far worse thoughts.