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wrnchbndr's photos: Pickup Winder1


This is my pickup winder. The structure is 1" Nylon sheet that I had on hand and cut with my bandsaw. In this photo you can see the entire right-hand bobbin winder and guide. The left side is exactly the same and the idea is that I can wind either CW or CCW on any given bobbin. Forward of the winder are the adjustable limit guides w/ allen set screws. The two 1/4" shafts are precision hardened steel and they ride is bronze bearings fit into the nylon w/ set screw collars running against the bearings to eliminate lateral motion of the shaft. The broze bearings are more than adequate. They have minimum play and don't even get warm as they are lubricated with lithium grease. You can see the electronic counter which comes from a kit at an electronics hobby website. You can also see a standard sewing machine motor that cost $40 new with foot controller included. As I have things set up, the RPM range and control is absolutely perfect for pickup winding. What you can't see in this photo is the pully wheel on the bobbin shaft or the magnetic pickup and reed switch to run the counter. With the standard pulley on the motor, the bobbin shaft pully is 2.5".