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wrnchbndr's photos: It exists


One piece slab of swamp ash. A baritone conversion neck from Warmoth (standard rosewood/maple) special ordered without frets, position markers, or tuner holes. I've retapered the neck removing about 1/4" from the nut width, recontouring the back and reradiusing the fretboard to a compound radius of 6 to 10 from the nut to the end of fretboard. Faux position/fret markers are installed by cutting fretslots only 1/3 of the width of the fretboard and then filling the fretslot with white celluloid from thin guitar picks and sanding flat to the fretboard surface. The pickups are Am Std Fender P-Bass and a piezo under a corian saddle. Musicman adjustable mutes are installed on the bridge. Tuners are Fender Bronco tuners.