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wrnchbndr's photos: It begins


Ash and ash. The body is 1 3/4" and the cap is 1/8. The back thickness under the chambering is about 3/16". This is going to be a thinline of some sort but with the sound hole on both sides. I'm going to cut back that center section probably about 3/4"s in the middle from neck pocket area to where the bridge bolts on so the top can vibrate free acroos the width of the body. The intonation point where the saddles will sit will be over this unsupported space. I have ideas for a bridge... The pickups are a Gibson P90 and a real PAF from the early 60s that is within a modified P90 cover. The PAF will be at the neck because the P90 is hotter than this particular PAF and I like a nice rich neck pickup. The neck is a maple SX neck that I got in a bulk auction a few years ago. It has Grover Mini Rotos and a 10" radius and a dual adjustable truss rod. The headstock reshape will just barely conform to a tele. I'm thinking doing the controls in a similar configuration and location as a McCarty with a rotary selector. The finish -- I dunno yet. I'd like to do a sunburst.