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wrnchbndr's photos: Capri


This guitar resulted from a client asking me to build something like John Lennon's Ric. I love the look of Rics but they're not my list of favorite guitars to play. I did quite a lot of research and learned quite a bit about John Lennon's guitar. I also found a lot of incorrect and conflicting information. With such a famous guitar, there was bound to be a few idiots posting myths and just incorrect stuff. What I did find out was the his guitar was called a Capri. These had much thicker bodies (2") and a wider headstock than the modern 325 model. They are chambered and have a very short scale. So I worked with client and we discussed what we would and wouldn't do to build a guitar sort-of like John Lennon's. This is the first guitar of a series of four. This one is for me. The client is still waiting but I wanted to get a prototype into my clients hands and get some feedback before we commited to all of the things that are optional like pickups and bridges, Trems, controls... These are Gibson Humbuckers from a modern Gibson SG Faded. The trem is a sort of Vibrolla style. The bridge is a Bow-Tie style of my creation. Controls are wired as they would be in an LP. The split level pickguard is 1/16" Delrin from McMasterCarr. It has a unique milky translucent charactor. The body wood is alder and is significantly chambered much like the shape of the pickguard with two sections. The neck is set with a Ric Style reverse neck mortise and tennon with a cap installed on the back. Frets are stainless medium jumbo. The position markers are only on the side of the neck made from maple (round toothpicks). The graphics are hand painted acrylics and the overall finish is wipe-on polyurethane.