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wrnchbndr's photos: My Steello


Often someone looking for some quick cash will bring in an instrument that just is too far gone to offer anything for except a place in the dumpster behind the shop. Here is a full size student quality cello that was missing half of the neck when I pulled it out of the dumpster. The fretboard is off of a set neck dean electric. It had these nice block inlays so I removed the fretboard with a bandsaw. The headstock, the bridge and the tailpiece came out of my evil laboritory. There is a piezo pickup in the bridge and an inexpensive economy tele pickup from Allparts. I had to relocate the soundpost and I think that the bass bar in the body may have separated from the top -- I'll get to that sometime...

Acoustically, it sounds really "BIG", deep and full. The piezo exagerates too much of the string noise when using a slide but the tele pickup sounds great.