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wrnchbndr's photos: Stairway to heaven anyone


SG double neck mandolin and eight string tenor guitar. The tenor guitar can also be tuned to be a bouzuki or what ever. Scale lengths are 12-3/4 on the mandolin and 25 on the tenor. Pickups are vintage Fender P-Bass and work great. There is a 3-way switch to select one or the other or both with volume and tone controls. Both are set neck and the neck binding has nibs just like on a Gibson. Both necks have dual adjustable trussrods. The bodys and the necks are solid mahogany. Fretboards are cocobola with stainless steel frets. The finish is nitro -- white with a few drops of vintage amber for character. The tail pieces are hand made from aluminum and the bridges are an ebony base with a bone saddle.