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wrnchbndr's photos: Rick style body blanks


Here are 4 bookmatched ash body blanks for my Ric repro project. They are surface planed down to 1 1/4" and ran on the joiner, flipped over and glued to get a bookmatched effect. These are things that a local mill can do for you if you don't have the surface planer or the joiner. Its not a lot of work so paying for this service shouldn't cost much. These pony clamps are about the best investment you can make if you get into making multipiece bodies. They are comparatively inexpensive and you can use 3/4" black pipe to make a clamp of any length. The c-clamps on the sides are there just to keep the alignment correct. I use Titebond glue and have never had a problem. Its important to wash off all of the squeeze-out and any other glue spills with a wet terry cloth otherwise you are making work for yourself later. I'll let these dry for 48 hours.

The wood, which I was able to hand select, cost me $131.00 and I'll have 3 bodies and another shorter section for something like a mandolin. I also surface planed and joined enough of the 1/2" thick wood to yield 6 full size truely bookmatched 1/4" ash caps from the same purchase. Glueing the cap halves together is a bit more fiddly so I'm going to glue the caps to the bodies and join the bookmatched pieces after the bodies are routed. Ash can be a little bit brittle so I want the body blanks to function as an alignment assistance.