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Fritz_D_Cat's photos: BF/SF Princeton and PR Stokes Mod


Be sure amp is unplugged and you properly discharge filter caps before you work on the components inside the chassis. If you don't know how, there are clear instructions here...


Locate the wires marked in blue on the diagram (not likely blue in the amp). Unsolder them from the end of the 56K resistor. Lift them off the board. Solder those two wires together and then insulate your connection from incidental contact. Heat shrink is neatest, but electrical tape will work.

Now install the wire labeled in pink. Solder it to the end of the 1 watt 18K resistor at the top left of the fiber board. Connect the other end, by soldering, to the 56K resistor where you just removed the other 2 wires.

You are done ! - photo credit to Mike's Tube Amp Pages

[YMMV and Fritz_D_Cat or any of his likenesses is not responsible for any damage or injury because you messed with a perfectly good amp]