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Stratmanx's photos: Sept 13th 2007 Rig


Ok, from left to right, and this is a pretty fun

The Marshall amp is a 1980 model 2204 50 watt master
volume loaded out with SED Winged C' EL34 power tubes.

new tubes as of July.

This head is immaculate. I got it from a friend at
work who was culling off his herd of musical stuff.

Its 27 years old, and at that, my YOUNGEST Marshall
amp !!

And boy, does it have tone !

The cab is a late 60's Kustom "Tuck and Roll" job,
loaded out with three CTS 12" speakers.

CTS, or Chicago Telephone Systems back in the day,
weren't know for their particularly fantastic
speakers. Kinda like a generic OEM brand.

The bottom one is blown, so its only the middle and
the top running at 4 ohm, but oh boy, the tone of this
thing !!

Its just MAGIC !

My old and dear friend Jerry Stone unloaded this on me
years ago. he had it in his outside laundry room,
stored next to the dryer for years !

The tweed amp on the upper right is a late 90's Fender
Blues Jr. 35 watts of good solid Fender fun !

Imagine the Fender Super Champs from the early 80's a
good bit hotter, with a good reverb and master and
treble, bass, and middle knobs !

Modded here and there, and loaded with a Weber P12N
speakers with the Weber Beam Blocker "Truss" added.

Something about a Marshall and Fender amp running in
combo is SO 3D.

You have that Marshall grind and distortion, and you
have the Fender clean, as well as that killer Fender
overdrive to toss up in your musical blender.

You guitar guys, run two amps anytime you can, and a
Marshall / Fender or similar combo is definatly the
cats ass !

Both amps are miked.

The Marshall / Kustom is given voice by a Shure SM57
angled off center and about 8" or so out from the

You can see the duct tape "Airport Landing Guide" for
easy placement in the dark.

The Fender is miked again, off center on the paper
with a knock off SM58.

Boy oh boy !!