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Stratmanx's photos: Mo' Marshall's 1974-1980


The top is a 1974 JMP 50w that truly has been a road dog in its years.

The cab was SPRAY PAINTED white !

The amp itself has alot of corrosion, tubes are mismatched Tung Sol and RCA 6550's for power tubes, An RCA, a "Made in Great Britan" labled no name (Mullard??) and a Sovtek for pre-amp tubes, pilot light burnt out when I got it.. Yep... Its been dragged bad by the band down the "Ole Tobbacco Road" ..

But boy howdy, will it rip !!!

This is SWEET..

I am going to have the cab restored, white period correct Levant, but the guts ?

Sometimes you muck things up if you mess with them.

Going to have to think on that for a bit.

The bottom amplifier is a JMP 2204. Its from 1980, the last year of the "Transisitional" amps that bridged the span of the Plexi and early metal panel early 70's amps to the popular and more recent JCM 800 and 900 range.

These have a master volume thats not to bad if you take the time to work with it and the tone controls. Pretty amazing amp.

Immaculate condition, but once again, the damn pilot light is burnt out !!!

(BTW, both lights replaced, its pretty in the dark again..)

This one is a screamer. Got to LOVE it !!!