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Feb 17th, 2016 06:01 PM        

My 2013 has a birch ply cabinet. That and the heavy Jensen C12K add 5-6 lbs compared to the pine-sided cabinet originals. <br /> <br /> I suspect the C12K was utilized to get rid of bass flub and add a little more volume with its 100dB/watt efficiency. <br /> <br /> The difference in sound between birch ply and MDF cabinets probably isn't much.



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Mar 13th, 2016 07:23 AM        

....just bought one Monday....Brand Spankin' new..<br /> <br /> I've been hitting the front end hard all week strumming the middle pickup on my Eric Johnson Strat with a full-ahead dose of heavy, bass-loaded chords up and down the fretboard with the Volume and Bass both dimed.<br /> <br /> I've read that the C12K takes a lot of time to break in, so.....naturally.....I'm trying to help the process along as best as I can.<br /> <br /> FINALLY, after a week of pounding on it, the speaker is just now starting to "form it's own voice".......and I know it will take more time to fully break in but I can tell that it's already starting to sweeten up.<br /> <br /> Yesterday, on a hunch, a found a matched set of Electro Harmonics 6V6GT's for $10 and swapped 'em in.........decided to keep 'em in.'cause they sound a bit fuller and rounder than the stock Groove Tubes...<br /> <br /> This is a NICE amp and I'm going to enjoy using it!<br />


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Apr 26th, 2017 04:19 AM        

Just picked up a demo yesterday in the wine red; I have to say that I am coming WAAAAY too late to this club. Replaced a USA DeVille 410, as it was just too much to gig with anymore. This fits the bill quite nicely.

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