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Seattle, Wa

Not quite my tempo
Jun 26th, 2016 02:03 PM        

Man, I don't think you need to shell out a ton of money for a great condenser. Especially for a home studio. I have had a good amount of luck at home with a Shure KSM 44 and an AKG 414. You can find these used for around $500.


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South Florida

Jun 26th, 2016 04:41 PM        

Yes I've given it a lot of thought and come to the same idea. I'm getting decent results with what I have and probably a slightly better condenser mic is all I need right now. <br /> <br /> I need to focus more on learning GB and Logic anyway. The more time I spend with the programs the more I am impressed. There is a whole world in there.


U.S. - Virginia

Jun 27th, 2016 07:30 PM        

I agree, urby. I mean, yes - a $2000 dollar, high quality mic will usually sound better in most, but not all situations(I mean, I love punk rock and lo fi, so just give me a bunch of 57s and beta 52s)<br /> <br /> , but really - mic's like the ksm44 and 414 really are professional and useable. I have a slew of KSM32s and while they aren't as big and open and detailed as my more expensive condensers, there's really nothing wrong with them. A nice balance, not too bright sound. I think the issue comes, as least for me, when I am chasing sounds in my head or of other vintage or high end mixes. There is something about Al Schmitt's stuff he does at Capitol(amazing chambers and rooms) that sounds crazy good. He uses pretty much the same mics each time, but they are a Neumann M149(2 upright bass, 2 piano, vocal and then some) vintage u67s, u47s etc. There's a reason he doesn't EQ or compress hardly ever. Great musicians playing top of the heap instruments in great rooms through gear like that placed by a master at the controls... he just does fader rides and panning. That's a sound you can only get one way... Just thinking out loud.

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