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Feb 18th, 2017 09:47 AM        

There are a few threads running right now, all discussing this same topic.<br /> <br /> It has probably been mentioned somewhere, but it has been said that the Hot Noiseless are not really "hot". They are a later and slightly different design, the main feature of which is to eliminate having to change the pots.<br /> <br /> The Vintage Noiseless were designed for and used with the Clapton and similar guitars that have the preamp.<br /> <br /> So if it were me, I'd probably try the VNs in a Clapton type guitar, and the HNs in a stock passive guitar.<br /> <br /> I have a friend who swapped the pups in his Highway 1 with HNs. I think it sounds fine.<br /> <br /> I have a Clapton that has a NMB of Area 58-67-61. It sounds fine also. For a short time I had a combo of Area 58-Fender Lace Sensor-Area 61 in there. When you hear them side by side and are able to change pups instantly, it is VERY apparent that the Area are WAY more quiet than the Laces.<br /> <br /> Did the Laces sound bad? IMO no. Maybe I'm just not that picky or don't have the hearing of some people. I would have never changed the Laces out except for the fact that they buzzed.<br /> <br /> IMO a Strat should sound like a Strat within a certain range of acceptability. Once you get a good sounding basic guitar, if you want to go farther out than that, then buy a pedal or two.<br /> <br /> Just my $0.02.<br />



Feb 18th, 2017 07:54 PM        

Thank's for all the support guys! I've finalizar bought it. But it's the vintage one's. Here in my city was not available the HN. What do you guys think? I'll be installing them in the week. A friend of mine has it in his American standard and the sound is preety good

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