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Fibi Figallily

is a silly name.....
May 18th, 2017 04:50 PM        

I know.. I will never shut up and just wanted to add that there are no upgrades that would make this Baja better than it is so I ordered me a Genuine Fender leather guitar strap..<br /> <br /> What I really wanted to say is that I came really close to buying a Gold Sparkle one on e a couple days ago, im glad someone else bought it, no way I could explain that to my lovely wife. So I am going to sell another strat and get one later. Got to have a few of them.


Columbus, Ohio

Oct 9th, 2017 06:35 PM        

I think the neck on the Baja tele is in the same ball park as the Classic 50s Player strat, maybe a bit thicker and has a bit of a soft V shape near the headstock. The classic 50s has a soft V profile but I am pretty sure the Player model has a slight V shape as well near the headstock, but perhaps not as thick as the regular classic model. The Baja has a 9.5 radius like the Classic 50s Player.

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