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Memphis, TN

Mar 4th, 2018 02:06 PM        

It's actually a Wendy O Williams second solo album, after the band went on hiatus.<br /> <br /> High octaine rock and roll. If your into hard rock, with the taint of punk and speed metal, this oughta do it.<br /> <br /> I sure miss me some Wendy, Ritchie Stott's and Michael Ray.<br /> <br /> Current music needs a combination of a sledgehammer and chainsaw every so often.


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West Chester PA

Wait, what?
Mar 4th, 2018 03:49 PM        

I remembered she played Emerald City in Camden NJ, a lot of the punk acts came through there.


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Youngstown, New York

Live Free or Move
Mar 5th, 2018 07:46 AM        

She was awesome. Period. RIP Wendy.

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