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Southern Calif

Feb 7th, 2018 06:06 AM        

Seems like every time I buy something online, and not just Amazon, I get hit up for a review of the product, the packaging, the delivery.<br /> <br /> At first, I used to politely give my feedback, when it was a now and then feature of a purchase. But how much can you say about a potato peeler or bag of large rubber bands?<br /> <br /> These days if I order something that turns out to be exceptionally good .... or bad ... I occasionally write up a review. Otherwise I ignore the pleas for a response.<br /> <br /> And don't fall for this one:<br /> When you're in the checkout lane at the market and the cashier says, "did you find everything you need" .... just grunt and keep moving. I once made the mistake of being honest and the line screeched to a halt as the bag-boy was sent on a quest for what I couldn't find.<br /> <br /> I'm sure my ears were bright red as I tried to ignore the sighs, groans and rolled eyes of my fellow shoppers, trapped behind a clueless geezer who didn't know the "ignore rules".


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Redesdale UK

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Feb 7th, 2018 07:03 AM        

I only do reviews if I think something is high quality and good value. Lately, a leather wallet and document bag from Amazon and my new hifi.


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Feb 7th, 2018 07:16 AM        

When I ordered a new car in Nov 2016, the sales manager informed me I would be receiving several reviews after the car was delivered, and how much they would appreciate that I responded to them.<br /> <br /> I told the guy that I don’t respond to formatted reviews as a matter of policy, but that if I receive wonderful service from anyone, I write a personal letter to the CEO of the organization. Same goes for poor service.<br /> <br /> He tried to convince me it’s more efficient for them as a company to use their system than my own. I replied, “no, it’s more efficient to use my responses to formatted reviews as analysis of marketing strategy. I am not interested in improving your marketing. I am interested in showing my gratitude for great service, or pointing out areas where your service might be improved.”<br /> <br /> I am not a difficult or unreasonable person. I simply want to let a company know how they’re doing—not hand them a stack of marketing data.


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Wichita, Kansas

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Feb 7th, 2018 09:06 AM        

Yes, Peegoo. I don't return reviews of transactions where the vendor is simply doing what is expected.<br /> <br /> Also, a pox on any organization that uses the results of said automated reviews in employee performance reviews.<br /> <br /> More than once, I have had someone ask me to fill out the review and please give everything a "5" or it would look bad on their review. If I do happen to fill out a review (IT training courses come to mind), a score of 5 is pretty much unobtainable, unless the service was truly exceptional.<br />

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