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LA , Calif

I try my best
Jan 30th, 2018 07:53 PM        

I have a 2004 seagull S series grand and a 2012 Epi EL-00 Pro. Before I got the EL-00 I was looking at Fender Parlors , since no one near here had either I went by reviews and videos. I chose the El-00 over the Fender CP-100 which was less money and had a ply top yet sounded good . The boasted the satin finish as better sound than thick high gloss / EL-00. Now I see the Fender CP-100 has been replaced by a CP-60S in natural or sunburst and now has a solid spruce top and yes high gloss finish. <br /> <br /> It's the same price as the old CP-100 and wonder how can this be with better sealed tuners if they are better who knows and a solid spruce top. <br /> <br /> Before I got the Seagull in 2006 new yet 2 years old with hard shell case I had a AMI almond ply top 12 fret that really sounded great and sorry I sold it. <br /> <br /> I'm sure price reflects the quality and I imagine seagull parlors are better than Fender.<br /> <br /> The price of the least expensive seagull grand which is all ply is much more than the fenders by at least $150 and even the new one with the solid top. Yet I have to wonder labor even in Canada has to be more than Indonesia or China so it's possible the Fenders are a great buy. Both my Epi's the EL-00 and crappy AJ100 were both built in Indonesia. I think Fender made the CP-100 and CP 60s same part of the globe. <br /> <br />


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So. Cal. USA

Feb 9th, 2018 04:49 PM        

I just bought a Breedlove parlor for my GF. Check out my thread.


LA , Calif

I try my best
Feb 11th, 2018 01:24 PM        

"I just bought a Breedlove parlor for my GF. Check out my thread."<br /> <br /> I looked at the Breedlove parlor. It'd real nice,I like the slotted peg head, reminds me of the 2004 AMI 12 fret I had. I am more into 14 fret models, reason I kept the seagull grand and sold the AMI even though 12 frets do have a different sound I use the entire neck up to the last fret and 14 fret models help just a bit.<br /> <br /> I really like the Fender CP-60S yet can't afford it so I'll setup my seagull grand to play a bit easier.

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