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Jan 4th, 2018 08:19 AM        

all links to the vintage series basses are gone on Fender's website, and only the guitars show up via external searches. Fender recently announced a change in its product development management. <br /> <br /> Barroom gossip has it that the Squier Classic Vibe and MIM Classic series build quality seriously eroded the market for the American Vintage basses. Anybody know anything different?



Jan 4th, 2018 01:41 PM        

I thought I heard suggestion that it may be renamed American Classic, and perhaps with different years.

L. Nedmundo


Jan 16th, 2018 06:05 PM        

Looks like it's changed to the American Original series.

Jeff Scott

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Jan 16th, 2018 06:50 PM        

FMIC - Always On The Move!

Danny Nader


You should have been there!
Jan 16th, 2018 09:53 PM        

Just a branding exercise. Fender American Original is indeed the new brand.<br /> <br /> Danny



Jan 22nd, 2018 08:42 PM        

So sad. I remember in the early 60's how a Fender was just that. There was no pretzel twisting effort to try to create a new newer newest model of the same thing. Marketing, pssh.


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Jan 23rd, 2018 04:46 PM        

Next line to be announced will be:<br /> <br /> The New Originals<br /> <br /> Love,<br /> Nigel



Feb 16th, 2018 07:16 PM        

Love my AV (1994) 62 RI Jazz bass, and my 1999 62 AV P bass, ain't partin' with either of them.<br /> <br /> I think what's happened to the AV line is they are getting to close in price to the Custom Shop models.

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