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eureka, usa

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Dec 20th, 2017 01:46 PM        

There may only be a couple of us other but it would be good to start a thread for comments and concerns about this amp. <br /> <br /> I just got mine through an online dealer because one didn't come to my area to test. I normally play a Vibro-King (stock) so this is a step down in weight and volume with a whole different set of parameters than I am used to. <br /> <br /> I play a Thin Skin 62 Fender Jaguar through this but am about to try my J.R. Signature Airline Tuxedo through it as well. I haven't gotten this thing off the ground and so it really sounds quiet to me compared to what I am used to but the natural break up is very pleasant. I don't know much about the 65's so I can't compare but I did however own an 80's deluxe reverb that reminds me that this is about as quiet as that was. <br /> <br /> The dimensions are slightly different than what was on the other reissues (this being a little taller and deeper). The vibrato is smoother than what I remember on other black faces and it does not go as vast as say a twin... I know they change the circuit out for something like a brown face amp. <br /> <br /> So far, I am stoked about this amp but have not tried to play with a group of people yet so hopefully I will feel good about that as well. <br /> <br /> If there is anyone else out there with one, it would be great to hear from you......

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