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Dec 6th, 2017 11:37 AM        

I had my Thinline WRHB pickups rebuilt by Jared @ Brandonwound and these pickups are as close to the original spec as possible.<br /> <br /> They sound wonderful! Bright and crisp with a nice bite. Cannot say enough about these rebuilt pickups. He has a mold for the original bobbin design and adds a plate at the base of the pickups and screw in type pole magnets. I had mine done with the one wire hot and ground braided wire and other than figuring out how to solder them it is really clean under the guard. <br /> <br /> If you are looking to improve your wide range pups you should check this guy out, $90 per pup and just about a week turn around time with 2 days shipping each way. I am very satisfied with these.

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