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Robbinsville, NJ

what do you mean the bass is too loud?
Nov 8th, 2017 08:52 AM        

I'm needed to add light bass parts to an<br /> acoustic guitar Praise band playing in church.<br /> The church is huge, has a large powerful PA that<br /> they plug into.<br /> <br /> Would it be realistic for me to plug in my<br /> bass into the mixer console, to provide a <br /> gentle thump? I assume I should maybe roll off<br /> the low frequencies and emphasize the mid ranges.<br /> <br /> I just don't want to blow out a set of speakers,<br /> but would rather not bring in large amp to try<br /> to fill the church.<br /> <br /> OldFartPraiseBassPlayer Walt


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Wichita, Kansas

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Nov 8th, 2017 09:45 AM        

If they have a "a large powerful PA", your bass will not be able to hurt it. I see two simple options. <br /> <br /> 1) Use a small amp with a direct out that can feed the main mixer. The amp doesn't need to be big or loud. Just loud enough to be heard by the musicians on stage.<br /> <br /> 2) Plug the bass into a DI box, then to the mixer. It doesn't have to be an expensive DI. A passive one would work. Run the bass signal into the monitors to be heard on stage. The volume that you are talking about will not hurt the monitor speakers either.

Juice Nichols

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Panama City, FL

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Nov 8th, 2017 10:13 AM        

At the church I run FOH for all instruments are DI'd to the PA. That would be option one unless you don't own a DI box. I'm betting the church does if you don't though.


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Nov 8th, 2017 05:27 PM        

I play bass at church and use a DI. No amp at all. They put a monitor in front of me so I can hear. Sound guys put it through the main PA.<br /> Our church has a mega PA system by Meyer.<br /> The old EAW stuff is just sitting in a big room.


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Las Vegas

Nov 8th, 2017 06:59 PM        

A simple DI would be fine at the minimum. If you want some tone shaping and don't want to bring a bass rig, I'd recommend the Tech21 SansAmp. It sounds great and will give FOH a great signal and tone to work with.


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juneau ak.

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Nov 9th, 2017 02:34 PM        

My bother uses a Line 6 Bass Pod going straight into the main PA. For guitar he uses a little Fender amp mic'd into the PA. That's been his rig for years and seems to be the ticket.


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So. Cal. USA

Nov 9th, 2017 04:00 PM        

Reading down the posts, I would also recommend the Tech 21 pedal or rack preamp. I own the rack unit and use it for my full on bass rig as a preamp. Outstanding tone shaping abilities. Everyone that hears it or plays through it comments on how good it sounds and how versatile it is.<br /> <br /> BTW, I run the Tech 21 rack unit into a QSC RMS850 in bridged mode live. Oh baby!



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Nov 9th, 2017 08:39 PM        

Zoom B3 amp Modeler here for church PA use

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