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Nov 6th, 2017 05:15 AM        

Hi all, Iam new here, just registered.<br /> This is my first post.<br /> I bought GREAT Fender Frontman 60B combo about 10 months ago.I LOVE it but I am not able to find ANY info on it, which is strange because for G series for guitars you can find all info you need.I hadn`found even any video so I created some a few months ago - you can find it on YT.<br /> All I was able to find were a few pics and 2 short reviews.<br /> So I will appreciate ANY RELEVANT info on this amp I guess it must be quite rare I`ve never seen single one for sale on internet except mine /December 2016/, all advertised FF60Bs had been sold already.BTW mine is made in Indonesia I am second owner - first owner bought it appr 2002-2003 new.<br /> I have only PDF MANUAL it shows 2002...Any info how long it was produced, what was the price and your opinions... Thanks in advance.Jan, Slovakia, Europe<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />


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Nov 6th, 2017 06:02 AM        

There's several on Reverb and the usual sites used here.<br /> <br /> Basically it was in existence IIRC until the Rumbles came out, then was no more.<br /> <br /> Price, was a relatively cheap practice amp. I'd assume comparable to about what a 1x12 Rumble is today.

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Nov 6th, 2017 06:29 AM        

The only thing that really matters is you "LOVE it"...<br /> <br /> If you are using this amp for 6 string guitar, it should be fine for you. It should handle about any gig you are comfortable playing without also micing thru the PA for higher volume and "spread" or dispersion of your sound.<br /> <br /> If you use I for bass guitar, it is adequate for low volume venues such as coffee shops and small bistro or private parties. If it works for your needs, then it is fine. If you find you have trouble playing loud enough to be heard over the drummer and guitarist seriously consider adding some PA support. My approach for bass would be to use a direct box or direct injection box between your bass guitar and the FM60B then run one split (the XLR/mic cable output) to your PA system and the other "pass thru" (1/4 inch male plug such as guitar patch cable) out of the DI to the FM60B.<br /> <br /> The only...ONLY...thing that really matters is if YOU like the sound and if it works for YOUR circumstances.<br /> <br /> Enjoy!

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