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Aug 12th, 2017 04:34 PM        

Hey, all.<br /> <br /> I just got a Bassman 250 210 at a yard sale. It had sound through the headphone jack and the line out, but not through the speakers. I opened it up and found that somehow, both speaker wires had come off the pcb. Popped them back on, and everything's fine. Almost. Two small issues.<br /> <br /> 1. When I plug headphones into the headphone jack, I still get sound out of the speakers. Kinda defeats the purpose of a headphone jack, I think. Ideas about what might be causing this?<br /> <br /> 2. There's a fuse holder on the back of the cabinet. I believe this is to protect the horn from damage. The fuse holder was broken -- the cap wouldn't lock to hold the fuse in. When I opened up the cabinet to fix the speaker wires, I saw the fuse holder. There's a little tab on the end for a connection. There wasn't a wire connected to it. There was no loose wire anywhere in the cabinet. So the fuse holder is just sitting there connected to nothing. Any problem with running the amp without a fuse? Again, I think the fuse is just for the horn. The amp seems to be working and sounding just fine.<br /> <br /> Thx

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