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Jun 30th, 2017 11:27 AM        

I'm pretty stoked about a recent speaker swap I made with my BJ. I put in a CRex about 5 years ago and it sounded really good...big, full, loud and warm. But I'd always wanted to try to get that Celestion "growl" from the BJ, so I put in a Creamback 65 and look out now! The overdriven tones I'm getting now are even better than what I'd hoped for.<br /> <br /> Both great speakers for the BJ...IMHO. Here's a recent video I put together as I wanted to document how each speaker sounded in as close to a true A/B test as I could do. The A/B test is not perfect, but it's close enough for me.<br /> <br /> Now I've got that Celestion growl in my BJ! CRex still gets the nod for clean tones.<br /> <br /> Enjoy! <br />

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