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Jun 29th, 2017 10:53 PM        

The bridge pup on my Modern Player Tele Thinline has given out (bought it used last year). Tech looked at it today, checked output, says it needs replacement.<br /> <br /> For a little while, I've been considering embarking on my first-ever guitar repair project, but I had more thought I'd start by rescuing some beat-to-**** thrift-shop find, not working on a guitar I actually love and play! Might wind up paying a pro to do it, but we'll see.<br /> <br /> So some real basic questions:<br /> <br /> 1. Are Fender's "house brand" MP-90's generally interchangeable with other P-90's, at least in terms of installing them in the guitar? I really have liked the sound on the factory pups, and I'd probably just be happy buying a replacement, though I don't see them offered at the Fender website, and I've only found sporadic availability for used ones.<br /> <br /> 2. If they're not interchangeable, are there specific characteristics or parameters I need to be aware of if I decide to shop around for some other P-90's?<br /> <br /> 3. Does anyone who has experience with these pups or this guitar have a recommendation for a different pup to put in there if I have to go that route?<br /> <br /> 4. How much difficulty (if any) would mixing and matching cause? Bear in mind that I like the MP-90's in general, though if I found a bridge pup that had just a tad more traditional Tele twang, without throwing the sound completely out of balance, I might lean in that direction.<br /> <br /> Thanks in advance.


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Jun 30th, 2017 02:36 PM        

The Fender MP-90 is the standard size of an original Gibson 'soapbar' P-90, which means you can get yourself a replacement soapbar and drop it in there.<br /> <br /> GFS (Guitar Fetish) sells pretty good replacement pickups and their prices are reasonable.


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Jul 10th, 2017 01:39 PM        

If you like the sound of the original pickup, send it to Jared at Brandon Would Pickups.<br /> He'll rewind it for a mere $30! He re-did a Gibson mid-80's pickup for me and it came back sounding great! <br />

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