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Lisle, IL USA

That's what she said!
May 21st, 2017 09:29 PM        

I ordered a neck and it came damaged, they sent a new one immediately when I notified them. They told me not to send the old one back so it's just sitting around. You can see the damage in my profile or in the link. I was wondering if this can be salvaged. My initial thoughts were something like epoxy and trying to mold it into shape. Looking for any thoughts on how this could be repaired.<br /> <br /> Thanks


michigan usa

May 21st, 2017 10:30 PM        

Sweet, free neck! <br /> <br /> No reason to fix that unless the looks of it really bug ya. But if I were going to fix that I would remove that whole piece behind the nut and glue a new piece in it's place. This would involve making a jig that would clamp on to the fretboard side and provide a flat surface to guide a router with which would enable you to get a smooth, flat surface. I would want to cut below the bottom of the nut slot which would give me more surface area for gluing as well as alleviate the need to re-rout the nut slot. Not very complicated if you're used to routers and making jigs. <br /> <br /> Tricky part #1: making/setting your jig to cut right along the back edge of the nut slot and parallel to the front of the nut slot. My jig would be a piece of plywood with a small lip on one edge that is the same thickness as the nut slot. Place the lip edge in the slot and clamp, use a pattern bit and rout away. <br /> <br /> Tricky part #2: you would have to shape the new piece to match the radius of the neck to fb transition, hopefully without removing any finish. I would do this by hand with rasps/files and sandpaper. Taping off the finished area would make this fairly trouble-free for a while but you'd eventually have to do some delicate work close to that finished area to make it perfect. If removing finish is not a concern then you could do this on a spindle sander with a fence clamped in place. This too would require a jig for best results. <br /> <br /> O.k., maybe that is a bit complicated and definitely verbose. Your epoxy idea would work too (I just don't like epoxy much) but that missing chunk won't cause any problems as the nut looks to be seated just fine the way it is. <br /> <br /> Sorry, I had too much coffee after dinner tonight.

Mick Reid

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May 22nd, 2017 12:48 AM        

"Sweet, free neck!"<br /> <br /> +1!!!!!!<br /> <br /> I don't have a detailed "fix-it" like twang-d, but I'd sure as shoot find a way if it were mine!<br /> I'm sure you'll get plenty of good suggestions from the knowledgeable folk here.<br /> <br /> Out of curiosity, who was the vender?<br /> Maybe I'll order one and hope it gets buggered it up in the post!<br /> <br /> It's good to know they looked after you with no hassles too.<br />



May 22nd, 2017 10:54 AM        

I'd search that box, the floor around where you opened it and all other packing materials for that chunk of rosewood. If you're lucky, it'll be a little piece that will just glue back into place oh so elegantly. If it really did come off in shipping then it couldn't have gone far.<br /> <br /> For other repairs, I'd do some soul searching first whether you'll ever want to replace the nut. It looks like a generic injection molded nut, and while an epoxy fix could work quite well, it could make getting that nut out later on quite a chore. Superglue and wood dust could work too, as long as you don't get air bubbles in there.


LA , Calif

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May 22nd, 2017 05:24 PM        

When I built my strats I cut all the fret slots with the board glued to the neck. I also use an old dremel single speed router and a black plastic base that was an extra. Clamped a section of straight plywood to the peg head face lined up so the 1/8" regular bit was 90 degrees to the two lines and made 5 passes . This was before finish yet it worked every time. <br /> <br /> Edit to clarify :<br /> <br /> First few guitar I made I cut the slots board glued then later had one edge of the board flat and square then cut the slots , then glued on after trimming the board then taper for the neck I wanted and drilled the markers , two markers were a hole into the neck for 2 locating brass rods then did the radius , only issue was cutting the slots to the board radius so I was just free hand careful. Don't really like flat bottom slots.


Fibi Figallily

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May 22nd, 2017 06:45 PM        

Looks like the piece is there in the picture or at least some of it. You could use titebond and a clamp if you arent picky ;-)


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May 22nd, 2017 08:40 PM        

Totally salvageable. Good advice above.<br /> <br /> Another option is to revove the rest of the rosewood behind the nut and install a Gibson-sized nut.


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Lisle, IL USA

That's what she said!
May 22nd, 2017 10:04 PM        

Thanks for all the advice. Yes there were two pieces of it in the box, now the stupid part - not sure if I kept them. I'll have to look again. I don't have a router and would just be a beginner at routing, so that idea won't be happening. The Gibson nut sounds interesting if I can get the rest out without more damage.<br /> <br /> The seller was Guitar Fetish. I've bought from them before and any questions or problems that arose they have responded to immediately.

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