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El Californio

May 12th, 2017 01:52 PM        

We had a lot of rain in CA this winter. I left my MIJ Esquire Custom in it's case and when I took it out last week I found rusty strings, mold on the fingerboard and the electronics were *fried*: rusty switch, stuck pots, no sound. Damn.<br /> Found a well-reviewed reverb/ebay seller (KD Paulus) who sells ready-made Esquire harnesses equipped with the "Eldred" or "cocked-wah" mod. Never heard of it but bought one, just installed it and, hoo wee, it sounds fantastic. I never really used switch position 1 (closest to neck) much due to it's low volume and muffled tone but sure plan to now. Article details the difference better than I could. <br /> If you have an Esquire that's not getting the love, give it a try:


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Suburban MD.

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May 16th, 2017 09:45 AM        

I bought a similar setup thru Siglar Audio...pre-wired with control plate and CRL switch. <br /> Position #1 (closest to bridge) does provide a good 'solo' sound. <br /> Even with the Seymour Duncan stacked humbucker, it provides 3 usable sounds!<br /> I use #3 mostly for rhythm.

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