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May 6th, 2017 07:35 AM        

We, the band, played at a neighbor's party last night, he has this new porch that eventually will be tied into his mobile home to extend the living room. It's a fantastic stage, Steve, another buddy, built it. So, one of the other neighbors comes over, Bob, he's new, just moved in about two months ago. He tells me I've got this desirable onimental grass growing in the area between my two driveways. That it is actually over grown, he tells me that it needs to be thinned out and he would like to take some. He knows I make knives and putz around with all kinds of stuff and in exchange for the weeds he has this 1/2" by 4" by 36" piece of Brazilian Rosewood he's been holding onto since the early 80s and asks if I would be interested in a trade, some of my over grown weeds for his Brazilian Rosewood.<br /> <br /> Humm, it took all of about half a nanosecond for me to agree to the deal. I have a paliminary design idea for my next bass, a kind of chamberd carved archtop with a sassafras body, 100 year old Black Walnut top, mahogany neck. I've actually started on this project but it's in the very early stages. <br /> <br /> Once I receive the wood I'll take pictures and post them. Everything about this project could change, once I see the wood, which will be the fingerboard, I may go a different way with the top piece, and even the back. I was just planning on using stuff I had laying around for this project but showcasing a Brazilian Rosewood fretless fingerboard may inspire design changes.<br /> <br /> I'm also at the stage where my workshop is getting a floor, half will be concrete and the rest will be be wood repurposed from a coral that is falling apart between the house and workshop. The idea is I'll have a good portion of wood to stand on while working at the lathe and other wood machine projects where standing for any lenght of time is likely. Steve, mentioned about will be heading up this project, we try to keep it in the neighborhood. He'll give me a really good deal but I know their will be a custom saddle bag project in my near future. "o)<br /> <br /> Gonna be a busy summer.


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May 19th, 2017 09:06 PM        

Will be keeping an eye on this build.

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