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Alan Deremo

SoCal, USA

Apr 19th, 2017 06:29 PM        

These pickups are in my '65 P-Bass. I've always had some doubt that they were the originals. As seen in the link below, they have grey bobbins, black and white cloth leads, machine wound black windings and heavy lacquer. "E" and "S" are hand written by the output leads. There is a stamp that looks to be "7400."<br /> Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

uncle stack-knob

Contributing Member

united kingdom

Apr 20th, 2017 09:14 AM        

Have a look at the topside of the pole-pieces,if they are rounded off on their edges then it is likely that they are pre-1970 (they went to the un-rounded in 1970).The burgundy colour is normal for windings at that point,but occasonally bright copper colour does happen.<br /> The bobbin looks o.k. for colour for a pickup maybe 1967 on, prior to that the grey colour tends to look darker,but time and ageing affect all this .They would have been dipped in lacquer in 1965,not wax.<br /> The number stamp of 7400 is a little odd maybe,and needs a little more research.I have seen numbers like this,hand written dates in both blue/black or yellow....However,7400 equates well with the stamping system introduced in 1970. In this case the LAST DIGIT is a zero,and that is the indicator for 1970.The first two digits relate to a code of some description,not a date.<br /> The other writing looks clearly like someone was identifying the lead off points at the eyelets,I would guess "E" for earth,and "S" for signal or hot.<br /> That suggests work may have occurred on the pickup at some time in the past.<br /> So,hope that helps a little.<br /> <br /> Stack-Knob.

Alan Deremo

SoCal, USA

Apr 23rd, 2017 07:40 AM        

Thanks stack-knob, that all makes sense. I've received some opinions elsewhere that seem to point to 1970 as the date of origin also, so it seems likely that is the case, though it appears the plastic lead wires were swapped out for cloth covered ones at some point.

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