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cuyahoga falls, OH

Apr 11th, 2017 09:38 AM        

I've developed an interest in these new Jazzmasters being offered from Squier. A couple of queries. Someone gifted me with a set of Duncan designed humbuckers from a Jagmaster a few years ago. If I acquired one of these new Jazzmasters I might consider swapping the pickups out for the Duncans. Also I love the Arctic White version of the Jazzmaster (I have too many black guitars) but don't care for the black pickguard that comes with it and would switch it out (preferably for a white one) but the pickguard is a jagmaster type which is not an easy find. Anyone have experience, opinions on these subjects? A YouTube reviewer said he found the Jazzmaster humbuckers preferable to the Jagmaster Duncans.

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