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Power Trio

Long Island

Mar 21st, 2017 07:47 AM        

I have the Euro Tube probe and a fluke<br /> <br /> my 69 Vibrolux (3/69) was converted to AB 763. also the balance pot was converted to a bias pot by a tech.<br /> <br /> my question is can i safely use 5881 vs 6L6 in this beast or should i just stick with the 6L6


Contributing Member

American Patriot

About as ordinary as you can get.
Mar 21st, 2017 08:33 AM        

I am not a tech but I say yes you can.

Power Trio

Long Island

Apr 4th, 2017 08:57 AM        

well that went easy. I used 6L6s from Euro Tube.<br /> <br /> Their probe worked great and was a sinch to use<br /> <br /> I asked for a set of tubes on the clean side so they are a tad cold. 427 PV was only able to bias at 36ma not 39<br /> <br /> amp sounds really good anyway.<br /> <br /> just for a tests I put the old set back in and was able to bias up to 44ma so I know there is nothing wrong with anything internally or the probe<br /> <br /> im building confidence with mild amp work, next job is to change the filter caps in my JCM 4500 which are 25 years old now. <br />

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