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Mar 16th, 2017 05:37 AM        

Not a sniff ! Am I asking too much?<br /> <br /> Time has come to part with these two beloved items. Old age catches up with us all!<br /> This valve head dates from 1981 (serial no:F148276) & is in excellent order.<br /> The cab dates from 1980 & is also in good condition apart from one small repair to the grill (serial no: F058883). It has been fitted with a 15" Black Widow Speaker & the inside of the cab with the excellent Talon Bassliner insulation which has only improved the frequency response. Original Pyle speaker (with torn cone) also included if required.<br /> Both items have bespoke covers. Pictures are available if needed. FYI I am based in the UK.<br /> £850 for the pair.

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