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Scotland, UK

Mar 3rd, 2017 06:07 AM        

I'm reluctantly looking to sell my 3-tone sunburst Fender Custom Shop 1960 Stratocaster. <br /> <br /> It's a 2010 heavy relic model that has been owned since new and only ever taken out of it's case for light use in the house - never gigged. It was purchased from Guitar Village in Surrey for £2400 and comes complete with original tolex case, all case candy and COA.<br /> <br /> A gorgeous guitar to both play and look at!<br /> <br /> The bridge p/up has been switched out for a Dimarzio Tone Zone S and wired to the lower tone pot to give the guitar a warmer sound. I've also fully shielded the pickguard cavity. All mods are easily reversible should the buyer wish to restore it to original condition as the original Texas Special bridge p/up is included. The Tone Zone S is also included in the sale price, as is a relic'd leather Levy premium guitar strap.<br /> <br /> It is also worth noting that there was once a Hipshot Tremsetter installed in the rear cavity of the guitar but this was removed some time ago.<br /> <br /> Only looking to sell due to playing less blues rock and more heavy/classic rock these days. The guitar has been extremely well looked after and lives in its case 99% of the time.<br /> <br /> P/ups: 69/Fat 50s and Texas Special (original bridge pickup included)<br /> Frets: 21<br /> Neck: C-shape profile with med/jumbo frets. Rosewood fretboard<br /> Body: 3-tone sunburst heavy relic on alder<br /> <br /> Fixed price £1650. No offers or trades, thank you. UK-based, just outside Edinburgh. I will only deal face-to-face with potential buyers.

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