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Mar 1st, 2017 07:56 PM        

Hey it ticks right outta the box. Should I return for even exchange, send in for repairs or what? Thank you


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Mar 1st, 2017 08:35 PM        

The tick might be a part of the tremelo "vibrato" circuit, which would make it a characteristic of the amp. The optoisolator can be modified or an aftermarket option might reduce such ticking. If you turn off the effect using the pedal, the "vibrato" ticking should go away.<br /> <br /> Other causes could oxidized contacts on a pre-amp tube(= a "putt putt") sound that might be corrected by removing and reinserting the tube.<br /> <br /> Try the pedal to turn off the vibrato effect, and perhaps check back in if that doesn't fix it.


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Mar 4th, 2017 01:37 PM        

I have a DRRI with low hours and newish tubes. Without anything plugged in, when switched on it doesn't 'tick' but you can hear kind of a low volume hum which varies speed with the rate knob. It doesn't change with the intensity knob. Can't detect it when playing.<br /> <br /> I fixed a 'tick' on a SFDR I had with addition of a small capacitor. From service bulletin 9:<br /> The official Fender solution (Service Bulletin number 9):<br /> <br /> “The ticking cuased by the Vibrato is caused by improper lead dress.<br /> It can almost be “cured” by connecting a .01 mfd 600 volt mylar capacitor <br /> on the 10 meg ohm resistor in the vibrato circuit. this resistor is located <br /> on the parts panel. Remove capacitor across the 10 meg ohm resistor (old <br /> modification) if in place.”<br /> <br /> (That is, run the cap from the junction of the 10 meg resistor and the <br /> optoisolator to ground.)<br /> <br /> “If this does not produce the desired results, then the leads should be <br /> dressed as follows and excessive lengths shortened.<br /> <br /> 1. Dress the leads to the vibrato speed and intensity controls away from <br /> the tone controls and filter leads.<br /> <br /> 2. “Bunch” the leads to the components on the parts panel which connect to <br /> the tube socket of the 7025 (12AX7) vibrato tube.”

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