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Feb 12th, 2017 12:48 PM        

This is the first version of the c7 microphone from Miktek. The new c7e has the same sound, with a different switch for polar patterns in the front. This mic is very expensive sounding with a great amount of detail. <br /> <br /> From Miktek's Facebook:<br /> <br /> " Did we mention Keb Mo used the C7 for vocals and guitars on his new album "The Reflection"? Mix has a neat article about Keb and his engineer John Schirmer, their studio, and recording "The Reflection". "<br /> <br /> If you want an incredibly good large diaphragm condenser with three polar patterns(fig 8, omni, cardioid) along with a pad and hi pass filter, this is the one. It was just serviced at Miktek in early 2016. There was a slight issue with the DC bias adjust and they fixed it free! Great support. This mic is running like new now, barely used. It's in excellent condition with the flight case, wood box and freq response sheet, hard mount, adapter threads and shockmount. All excellent condition.<br /> <br /> This mic can change internally via a switch from 48v phantom to 60v for an even more intense and detailed sound.<br /> <br /> Get it for much less than new, but barely used. Open to offers!

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