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Why do I keep fixing things that work?
Feb 3rd, 2017 01:46 PM        

I think it has the pickups I would like, add jumbo frets with a compound radius and 2 point tremolo. From every YT video I've seen, it seems like the ideal R&R machine. The other thing I was curious about is the neck profile. Is it really thin or have some girth to it? I'm not sure if I would like it to be really thin, but have a decent thickness with good taper toward the body. <br /> Just curious because I'm contemplating this guitar or maybe getting a backup amp for our shows. Currently, I have a Peavey Valve 50 watt combo and truly enjoy this amp, but if it went down during a show, my backup amp would be a larger tube amp and don't want to haul it around, unless we were going out of town. It would be kinda nice to maybe have another Valve King combo and have it on standby hooked up to an A/B switch, for a failsafe, but man, I do like the overall features of the DM Strat! <br /> I know I could buy a replacement neck with these features and change out the pickups in one of my Strats, but Gear Lust is eating at me. Lol<br /> I seriously want a R&R Strat that's quiet and can allow me to solo easier, but I'm torn on the idea of probably having/needing a backup amp of similar wattage/design. <br /> So, for all you regular performers, which would be the better option? Also, with having enough guitars, am I really just entertaining the wrong idea and stay with the backup amp? <br /> I've probably answered my own question and should have just stay the course on trying to get the amp for now and modify one of my guitars later on.....<br /> A boy has got to dream, doesn't he?


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Axe Victim
Feb 6th, 2017 05:54 AM        

I assume you mean the MIA DM Strat, not the newer model MIM DM? I've played the MIA version and didn't like the glossy maple fretboard.<br /> <br /> The MIM DM model has a compound radius fretboard, among other differences.<br /> <br /> A Blues Jr. is a great backup amp, at least that's what I take. I often leave it in the trunk of my car if its a club gig.

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