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Dec 7th, 2016 05:19 AM        

Lately I've taken to recording my efforts at local open mic's et al as I work on material.<br /> <br /> I donât notice it while I'm playing but it's obvious in the recordings I'm consistently singing flat.<br /> <br /> Now that I've realised it, the next step i doing something about it.<br /> <br /> Suggestions? Thanks. Barry


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Dec 7th, 2016 05:54 AM        

I have found with me that this was a matter of ear training. What happened to me was that I was matching the notes with an off vocal. <br /> <br /> The key was simply playing single notes on a guitar or piano and matching them. With no other sound it was easy to correct the problem then when I went to match the key while singing I was more on pitch.<br /> <br /> The other issue I had was not enough volume on my vocal in the monitor and i was increasing my vocal volume to be heard. This caused me to sing off key (usually pitched higher)<br /> <br /> By correcting these two things I became a much better singer. Hopefully your fix will be as simple (yet time consuming)<br />


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Dec 7th, 2016 08:03 AM        

Like Gman said match notes. When learning a new song I don't do the whole song all the way through over and over. All you do is reinforce a bunch of mistakes.<br /> <br /> It's better to just break down one or two lines of the hook over and over and match it to the notes on the guitar. I'll 'dig' into that note. The rest of the song is going to repeat anyway.<br /> <br /> At first I typically find one of the notes in the sequence--the 'high note' will be off. I'll practice that one line until I get it right.<br /> <br /> I'm sure this drives the neighbors crazy. I'm learning "Silent Running" by Mike & Mechanics and will just do "..can you hear me running....".<br /> <br /> I'll test out different variations for every consonant or accent each syllable differently until eventually I'm so sick of the song I never want to hear it again.<br /> <br />


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Apr 11th, 2017 08:51 AM        

That's been happening to me lately, too. Part of it is not warming up before band practice, part of it is monitoring (like gman said), and part if not opening my mouth enough -- I've found that the more I enunciate, the more on-pitch I am.

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