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Revelation Sound

Pennsylvania, USA

Nov 18th, 2016 09:24 AM        

I recently purchased a American Standard 5 string Jazz bass and I could not be happier for several reasons.<br /> <br /> 1. Saved Money: I got $300 off due to the America Standard being discontinued.<br /> 2. Adding the Mesa Boogie Tone Burst pedal provides the option of having an active sound with more top end and a forward sound. EQ at 12:00, gain at 12 and volume between 10:00 and 11:00. When the strings get a little dead, adjust the treble to 2:00 o'clock. <br /> 3. Sound: The sound of the bass with the Fender strings was quite good a little warm. When I replaced the strings with D Addario roundwounds it had a little more zing and modern sound which I like. Without the pedal it has a little more traditional sound and it is better for certain music. When I want more of a modern jazz sound I just turn on the pedal. I really like the pickups and how they sound. The bass sounds how you expect a Fender Jazz to sound. The Tone control is also very handy on this passive bass for controlling your sound. When your on one of the pickups by itself and you get some hum, dial the tone control back a little and the noise is reduced without affecting the overall tone much.<br /> 4. Neck: I previously had a G&L 2500 which had a beefier neck. I traded it for a Fender Jazz 5 that was made over seas. With the 19 mm spacing by the bridge the neck was a little easier than the G&L but only by a little. With my new Fender Jazz,the C shape is really good and confortable. The neck is not as wide so moving on the neck is easier than than my previous bass guitars. It has a very secure feeling to the body. When moving above the 12 fret for jazz solos, it's easy to move around up there. <br /> 5. Low B is solid and not flabby. It's on par with my previous G&L 2500.<br /> 6 I like the bridge and adjustments on it. The saddles have these lines on them that hold the bass strings where they should be.<br /> 7. Inside the case: I was surprised that Fender provided a cable, polishing cloth, a tool to adjust the truss rod, and Allen key for the saddles. There was also a card inside stating it was checked by a Fender rep.<br /> 8. Look: The burst wood which you see in my avatar photo is wonderful. No knots in the wood and the finish is nice. It Is very nice to view at and it has an elegant look to it.<br /> 9. Balance: The weight distribution is good. With the lighter tuners, the position of the bass stays on your lap and does not dive downward like some other basses due to a heavy neck and headstock.<br />

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