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Oct 22nd, 2016 12:22 PM        

Killer for guitar with a Fender amp but need something more for pedal steel so selling this beauty.<br /> Purchased 2 weeks ago from Fender Vintage Amp (http://www.vintagefenderamprepair.com) this custom Juniper 12" 8 ohm C1270 speaker. <br /> <br /> Paid $125.00 and asking $65.00 <br /> plus shipping. <br /> Speaker is mint and here is the description below:<br /> C1270: Our favorite 12â³ speaker overall! The Fat Jimmy Vintage Series C1270 is incredibly versatile and the perfect upgrade for your Deluxe Reverb or any 1 x 12â³ or 2 x 12â³ combo, such as the Blackface or Silverface Twin Reverb, Pro Reverb, Brownface Twin, Tweed Twin, Bassman 2 x12 cab, Bandmaster 2 x 12 cab, etc etc! This remarkable speaker personifies the perfect balance of volume and headroom, while truly allowing the rich natural tube overdrive of your amplifier to be heard and properly represented! This speaker will launch your Deluxe Reverb head first into the full on professional gigging arena, while also providing the subtle detail and articulate response required for lower volume practice and studio recording situations. Two of these in a Pro or Twin Reverb will deliver the punch, clarity and headroom you need and expect from a 2 x 12â³ Fender, while also delivering a warmth, richness, and 3D sound unmatched by any new production speaker available today. TIGHT, punchy low end; rich, detailed mids; and a very clear yet smooth and warm high end! Perfect in ANY 12â³ speaker application!<br /> <br /> Thanks,<br /> Gary<br /> garyk52@comcast.net

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