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Oct 13th, 2016 09:49 AM        

I have a Custom Shop 69 NOS Stratocaster that I purchased a year or so ago. I was thinking of selling it and decided to pull the pick guard to take photos of the pickups. I noticed the letters REL stamped in the body. I know the guitar is authentic but just curious about this. I can't find a whole lot of info on this out there, so hope I can bump into other owners who can shed some light on this guitar Is there a chance the guitar was a relic to being with. I kind of thought they were sold as non relic'd models. The original owner was a practising musician and I was told he re-fretted it and had the neck sanded (other than the headstock) -as a matter of preference. However, I am now wondering if the dents and dings and unfinished neck could have been part of the original build. <br /> <br /> When I was thinking of selling I was going to have a local luthier clean and refinish the neck because I figured anyone looking would prefer that. But decided to put a hold on that and the sale until I find out if I'd be actually undoing what was actually part of the original build. <br /> <br /> Any insight would be appreciated!

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