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super mario

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tone to the bone no other way
Oct 6th, 2016 08:12 AM        

Of late I've gone to using the Princeton BFWK amp for my playing at church....with me on crutches it works well for roadie factor (as I bring it back and forth each week)...my wife faithfully loads it for me (which I do not like...would rather do it myself, but that's another story). I have found that this amp is a dream to use as I can crank it to around 6, and tone set around 5 - I get decent stage volume (we mike the amps anyway, using a SM57 aimed slightly off axis). It behaves nicely with the pedal board (MXR Custom Comp, Monte Allums modded Boss OD3, Tech21 Liverpool, Boss CE5 chorus and Boss DD3 delay)...not matter what I do, it just gives me some great tones. The amp used to belong my father-in-law and was in my brother-in-law's care. He asked me to take and play it.....so I am. I have ordered a WGS Vintage 10 (rated 20w) speaker to replace the original as I want to preserve it. Also going to to the three prong cord conversion. It does not seem to care which guitar I use, I can dial it to get a consistent sound.


Canada, Kamloops

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Oct 22nd, 2016 06:28 AM        

I too had 64 BFWK 6G2 Princeton. They are great amps. I also tried a WGS Veteran 10 speaker. It was excellent. I had the same experience as you. Nothing but praise from the amp. I sold it on a whim unfortunately. However today I am building my own head version. A clone that I can use through several extension cabinet options. I am early into the build now. I plan a couple of small mods to suit my needs.

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