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Paul L

New Jersey, USA

It looks just like a Telefunken U-47!
Sep 24th, 2016 10:45 AM        

Guitar is in excellent condition overall. There a couple of very small dings in the finish. Other than that, the guitar is immaculate. All original except for a replacement pick guard (one ply matte black). Sorry, I don't have the original pickguard. Ships in a non-original Fender molded hardshell case. Great guitar but I need to thin the herd a bit.<br /> <br /> Asking $1000 shipped anywhere in the CONUS. Elsewhere, we'll talk. Not looking for trades at this time. Pics available upon request. I have excellent feedback on Ebay, Reverb and I have dealt with FDP members previously. Thanks for looking!<br /> <br /> P.S. Please note: I have a new email address, which is plarkin304@gmail.com. I updated my profile, but the link to the left of this ad still has the old email address in it.<br />

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