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Aug 23rd, 2016 02:49 PM        

Can anybody tell me if CS Telecaster has a MODERN "C" neck profile? The specs simply say "C" which gives me pause when "modern" is mentioned on all the other "C" profile guitars. Is it modern, 60's or some hybrid "C"? Thanks in advance to those that respond.

Purple Valley

Contributing Member


Aug 23rd, 2016 07:55 PM        

First of all, I think you're right to be dubious of Fender specs, because they aren't always that clear or consistent. I think they're getting better at this, though.<br /> <br /> I'm not totally sure what Modern means when it comes to Tele necks, but my guess is this mainly means a wider nut profile as compared to the thinner vintage nut width. The Shiflett nut width is listed as 42mm, which would make it thinner than the 42.8mm that you'd get on an American Standard. So I guess that's what they mean.<br /> <br /> So, IOW, I'd assume the neck carve is similar to a "Modern C"--the only difference being the nut width.

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